eur.usd 18/11/2019

Last week we noted the breach of the daily bearish channel for the EUR / USD pair indicating the control of buyers to raise prices and we expect further rise.Now we see a violent buyer of the price rise targeting the first level at levels1.1140 and the second level at 1.1200To drop the price again, we prefer to breach the 1.1200 levelsTo enter with a positive bullish scenario

SILVER 18/11/2019

Silver moves are similar to gold moves as we observe on the daily framePrices move in a positive bullish scenario, but we expect the silver correction wave to end at the nearby resistance levels at 17.55Note that in case of a breach and close a daily candle above the descending channelOur bearish outlook ends with the expectation of more positive trading and control from buyers againHowever, we expect this week's trading to fall and break and clo...

GOLD 18/11/2019

The bearish channel on the metal is still going on with usAnd I stillExpected to continue falling prices to new lows unless a breakout and external closure above the channelDaily candle continuityTherefore, the correctional wave ends near the levels1480 and 1490 levelLet's see it fall back to 1.1430 and 1410