Japan recorded the largest decline in exports since 2009

As Japan and the major global economies suffer as a result of the new Corona virus, the country recorded in April the "worst" monthly decline in exports since 2009.
Figures released by the Japanese Finance Ministry, released on Thursday, revealed that Japan, the world's third largest economic power, recorded last month its worst monthly drop in exports since the financial crisis in 2009.
And the Japanese Finance Ministry announced that the value of the country's exports declined in April by 21.9 percent over a year, to reach 44 billion euros.
According to the ministry, this decline is continuing for the seventeenth month in a row, the worst monthly drop recorded by Japanese exports in 11 years.
Economists at Bloomberg Financial News were expecting a slightly larger decline, or 22.2 percent, in the height of isolation measures in the United States and Europe in April, which led to the halt of their economies.