nzd.usd 19/9/2019

Prices move within a bearish channel formation by forming tops and lowsIndicates more bearish scenario and note the domination of Al Baya to reduce prices, which is likely with us further downsideThe price is approaching the lower side of the channelGuo Baya explains that we recommend taking a long position because the general trend is still bearishUnless we notice that the top is higher than the top on the daily frame to confirm entry buy with u...

aud.usd 19/9/2019

Australian DollarIs trading in a violent downtrend which indicates the strength of sales and control of the general trend and a general weakness in the emergence of buyers despite many attemptsFor the rise, we see prices approaching important weekly resistance levelsIt is 0.6660 levelsExpecting a continuation of the decline despite the release of the Fed newsHowever, we still expect the negative scenario to continue into new support

usd.cad 19/9/2019

The price of the dollar against the Canadian dollar approached important selling areas which are the resistance levels1.3330Which we expect them to show a sell signal and falling prices again unless they are breached and closed above with candlesTherefore, we recommend reservation and waiting for a confirmation signal in case of a breach and daily closing above the resistance levelsThe scenario changes for more positive trades to new highs