oil 19.1.2020

Upward stirrup for crude oil?The daily uptrend in Crude Oil has focused on important areas with a positive candle, as we note the attached chart at 63.00 levelsSigning a violent upside with trading this weekTo the 68.00 levels as a first target and the 74.00 levelUnless we see a break and close below the daily uptrend and close below 63.00 levels

silver 19/1/2020

The next trend of silver.The white metal affected last week positively towards the upside after the movements of goldWe note on the daily chart of the white metal after the violent buyer, in penetrating the downtrendFurther upside after touching the moving average 25We expect the positive trading to continue to the level of 18.75And the level 19.50


Gold and more positivity?Positive gold trades are still continuing with us despite the corrective decline that occurred last week, as we note in the daily chart above.We note now that the resistance level has been breached on the four-frame 1555 capacitiesSigned during the upcoming trading, the rise in prices with us until the level of 1585 as a first goalAnd the 1600 level as a main target expected to breach it will continue to rise with us